Program Summary

Who We Are
We are a four-year private high school serving grades 9-12. Our school offers a curriculum that meets the national core standards, with options for earning the general diploma (22 credits) or the college preparatory diploma (24 credits). We follow the Montessori philosophy of developing the whole child. The development of leadership skills, ethics, and responsibility are as important as academic development. Our classes are integrated as much as is possible to provide a multi-disciplinary approach to learning, with attention paid to different learning styles.

Our Background
We were founded in 2011 by a group of parents and educators. We are the only Montessori high school in Kentucky, and one of a growing number of Montessori high schools nationwide. Our students join us from Montessori, public, and private schools. Our students seek joy in their learning and work to foster the school values of peace, community, kindness, and learning.

Our Mission
– To inspire a love of learning in an environment that nurtures independence, self-respect and responsibility.
– To provide a Montessori approach to the high school educational curriculum and to prepare students for success in college, a fast-paced society and in life.
– To create an environment that recognizes students as individuals in community and encourages them to actively learn through interaction, collaboration, research and field work.

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