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Welcome to The Montessori High School. In our school, students and teachers work together to create an environment where everyone learns. Housed in a historic building in downtown Lexington and adjacent to the University of Kentucky, our school is a place where we strive to demonstrate our core values: peace, community, knowledge, and kindness.

Our school follows the educational principles of physician, educator, and activist Dr. Maria Montessori by creating a context for learning that values the whole development of adolescents: intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual. We work to prepare students not just for college, but for life; helping them to develop as individuals driven by an inner sense of purpose and integrity.

We work to promote critical, creative, and independent thinking at The Montessori High School and to graduate young people who value self-discipline, reflection, academic rigor, and a sense of global citizenship. It is our aim to create a transformative environment where students grow to become responsible, aware, and engaged with the world.

We invite you to explore our school through this website. Browse the course offerings, review the teachers’ statements and learn more about our school. We welcome you to visit us and see for yourself how The Montessori High School fosters a vital and thoughtful approach to high school education.


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We invite you to view our school profile, feel free to contact our office for more information.
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