Careers at The Montessori High School

The Montessori High School of Kentucky faculty members understand that they operate as models for the students who attend the school. It is vital that the environment be one of mutual peace, community, kindness, and learning.Staff

All of our faculty and staff share the commitment to holistic education of the adolescent. The staff members work together as a team to create an environment that serves the developing adolescents so all participants may work optimally and in their deepest levels of engagement. There is a strong value placed on thoughtful work, serious attention to the needs of the community and its individual members, and a healthy sense of humor.

Montessori High School seeks the highest quality of educational leadership and inventiveness in its faculty. Our administration continuously works to make professional development opportunities available, and we work in partnership with the Cincinnati Montessori Secondary Teaching Education Program to provide our faculty with Montessori Pedagogy.

At MHS, we are always seeking to connect with new educators. As a growing school, opportunities for part-time and full-time employment frequently become available. If you are interested in observing at MHS, or inquiring into any available positions please feel free to email office@montessorihigh.org, or call us at (859) 455 – 8064.

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